Christmas Gift Box in Bulk

Sep 15-2022

1. Christmas is a traditional festival in the WestSome people think that December 25 was chosen to celebrate Christmas because Christians believe that Jesus is the righteous, eternal sun. After the mi...
15 Sep
The Use of Color Box Gift Packaging Color

Sep 08-2022

In addition to the style and material, the individual style of color box gift packaging also has its own color matching. Good equipment must be beautiful in all aspects. The color skills of color box ...
08 Sep
Color Box Gift Packaging Flexographic Printing Skills

Aug 08-2022

Color box gift packaging will choose to use flexographic printing for processing when printing, and flexographic printing refers to the use of liquid ink for printing. Let's take a look at the use...
08 Aug
How to Choose the Lining of the Cardboard Packing Box?

Aug 01-2022

We usually buy cosmetics, game equipment, skin care products and other various products. When we receive the goods, we will find that there will be some linings inside to protect the products from dam...
01 Aug
Environmental Protection Concept of Clothing Packaging Boxes

Jul 21-2022

As more and more people attach importance to low-carbon environmental protection, people also have certain requirements for the environmental protection of the outer packaging of products. Among them,...
21 Jul
How to Choose Raw Materials for Making Gift Boxes?

Jul 07-2022

Exquisite gift boxes also play a very important role in the sales of gifts, especially in attracting consumers, and will increase the added value of products, while promoting the company's product...
07 Jul
Bow Ties on Thanksgiving Shirt Box

Jun 08-2022

The gift box is a practical gift packaging equipped with the main purpose of giving gifts to relatives and friends to express affection. It is an extension of the social needs of a function of packagi...
08 Jun
Ways to Guarantee the Hardness of Custom Printed Gift Boxes

Jun 01-2022

1. Material classification of custom printed gift boxesThere are many aspects to consider when choosing a gift box, such as quality, material, style, and version. If necessary, you can choose wholesal...
01 Jun
How to Make a Custom Packaging Box for Thanksgiving to Attract Attention?

May 18-2022

1. Tips for attracting attention with custom packaging boxes for ThanksgivingIn this face-seeing world, how to make your products attract attention and promote sales, you must first start from the pac...
18 May
Anti-mildew Technology and Design Details of the Color Box Gift

May 11-2022

The color box gift packaging will also be moldy, not only the packaged food will be moldy, especially when it is taken out of the frozen environment with the packaged food, the surface of the box will...
11 May
Making Process of Thanksgiving Gift Box

Apr 21-2022

Thanksgiving is a traditional western festival, a festival created by the American people, and a festival for the American family to get together. At the beginning, there was no fixed date for Thanksg...
21 Apr
Packaging Design and Printing Methods of Customized Color Gift Boxes

Apr 07-2022

With the rapid development of paper box printing and packaging technology, more and more beautiful and colorful color boxes have begun to appear in front of consumers.1. How to customize color gift bo...
07 Apr
The Most Popular Packaging of Halloween Popcorn Boxes

Mar 25-2022

Who doesn't like the fragrance of popcorn in cinema? Fragrant and the tastiest flavor makes the film more interesting. Without popcorn, cinema seems not incomplete. What's the better choice th...
25 Mar
Interesting Halloween Popcorn Packaging Design Can Surprise People

Mar 11-2022

In modern society, even popcorn packaging boxes need better design to attract consumers. Of course, present popcorn is mostly sold in cinema, so they have few competitions. However, if it is sold onli...
11 Mar
How to Make the Color of the Packaging Box Perfect?

Feb 23-2022

The printing of custom made packaging boxes is very important in the whole production process. It is also very important to control the color tone of color packaging during printing. Now we are going ...
23 Feb