Foam Insert Box

Cardboard gift shipping box with insert foam is a very wide range of gift box. We use art paper to wrap inside and outside of the box. 

We would like to let you know that the custom cardboard box inserts have a hidden 2 magnets on the cardboard, which can be clamped tightly on the other side to ensure that the lid is tight. Our designers will assist you in foam inserts so that your customers can immediately select your products from the retail aisle. We used high-quality materials to prepare custom printed paper foam box inserts for shipping & packaging, which not only enhances the overall appearance of the products but also protects inside products.  As a professional carton box supplier, we promise to provide the best products for you.

Types of Foam Insert Box

Benefits Of Foam Insert Box

Foam insert boxes are increasingly used for everything from jewelry, cosmetics, or car key. But while buying the gift box itself can prove relatively simple, foam stuffing is often overlooked. Gift box foam has a high-quality finish, a variety of colors and grooves, and can be completely customized to your package content (and is often used in high-end luxury packaging). Gift box foam not only adds value but also provides you with a premium feeling card and custom printing service. Foam can be protected the inside products during delivery.

Foam Insert Box Vs Others 

If we use a foam insert, the inside products will look more luxurious when we open the box.

However, foam insert box has many other benefits beyond providing an enhanced look to the inside of your gift box. This includes providing a high level of protection during transport. A gift box with foam not only prevents the item from moving inside the outer package during transportation or handling but also cushions any shock, impact, and vibration. 

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