Anti-mildew Technology and Design Details of the Color Box Gift

The color box gift packaging will also be moldy, not only the packaged food will be moldy, especially when it is taken out of the frozen environment with the packaged food, the surface of the box will condense and mold easily. So what are the details of the anti-mildew technology and design details of the color box gift?

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1. The technology of anti-mildew for color box gifts

(1) There needs to be a gap between the color box gift packaging and the ground, which can be raised with wooden boards. There must be a certain amount of air circulation space below to avoid the influence of the wet ground. Fabrics and packaging materials should not be stacked directly on the floor, but should be separated by pallets, more than 10CM from the wall. Don't rely on materials or what's on the wall. Materials and other materials that come into contact with walls pose a risk of moisture and mildew.

(2) Warehouses or workshops that store color box gift packaging need to be well sealed, otherwise they will be prone to moisture in rainy seasons, foggy days or areas with large temperature differences between day and night. The material warehouse and finished product warehouse should regularly check the placement of items, and the items in the warehouse should not be stacked on the ground, but should be placed on material racks. All materials should be kept tidy and the colony count in the storage workshop should be reduced.

(3) If conditions permit, you can choose to buy a dehumidifier. Generally, air conditioner manufacturers sell dehumidifiers in color box gift packaging warehouses. This is a simple and basic way to prevent mildew. Pay attention to the ventilation of the warehouse. When the outdoor humidity is higher than the indoor humidity, close the doors and windows, otherwise open the doors and windows, and record the changes in humidity and temperature. If the indoor relative humidity and heavy rain are equal to 80% during the wet season, dehumidification equipment should be installed to reduce the risk of damp and moldy products.

2. The details of the color box gift packaging design

The hexagon gift box set packaging can actually be said to be indispensable in our daily interactions, and there are some small details in the actual design process that are very bonus. Today, let's take a look at the small packaging in the design together with Green Color Printing.

(1) When designing, the place where the hand is held must be reserved for a certain finger position

The finger position mentioned here is the finger position in the literal sense. As for how many finger positions are needed, it needs to be determined according to the specific customized size. Generally, the larger the size of the box, the larger the reserved finger position will be. Moreover, many of the items in the color box gift packaging have a certain weight, so at this time, it is necessary to consider whether the customer is convenient to carry. For example, sometimes if the customer goes shopping, the box is too heavy. It is generally necessary to reserve finger positions according to the actual weight and characteristics of the product, so the consumers can feel more care from products.

(2) It needs to be thickened at the bottom of the color box gift

The reason why the thickening treatment is needed is to avoid the seal at the bottom of the folding gift box with the handle from cracking, because most of the card positions at the bottom of the box are a relatively fragile place, so if the product is placed in this place, there will be It may lead to uneven force, which will suddenly break or break when lifting, and after thickening treatment, the gravity can be well dispersed to the four sides, thereby reducing the risk of breakage at the bottom of the package.


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