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Shoe boxes exist as shoe packaging boxes, and have the function of receiving and protecting. Almost every family has shoe boxes in varying numbers, and some people even regard collecting shoe boxes as a pleasure. 

Throughout the development of the shoe box, from the original monotony to the current high-end, unique, it has entered every household. With the development of the manufacturing footwear industry, the shoe box industry has also developed at the same time. The shoe box is divided into: women's shoe box, men's shoe box, children's shoe box, sports shoe box, custom luxury shoe box and so on. Decorative shoe boxes surface processing: now there are color offset printing, screen flexible printing, water-based printing, full-page printing, etc., as well as film, bronzing, embossing and punching. As one of the best packaging box manufacturers, we have various custom empty sneaker shoe boxes for sale and our custom cheap bulk cardboard shoe boxes wholesale prices mean that you are able to buy high quality packaging for less than you would think.

We provide the customized service of shipping boxes and bags according to your needs, for example, we can produce tall, big, small, mini, blank, plain, black, white, pink, grey cardboard stable sneaker shoes boxes or holders with lids for babys, kids, men and weman. We also have different styles for your choice, like waterproof, oversized, typical, cute, magnetic, pretty, average, flat pack shoe boxes cover. The specific average shoebox size can be customized according to the length of your feet or shoes.

Types of Shoe Box

Benefits of Shoe Box

Carton boxes for shoes are mainly utilized in a number of ways such as to deliver the shoes from the factory to the company's outlet and then from the store to Your home. The second usage is to store the shoes in them to keep them clean and squeaky. Water and humidity are consequently the biggest factors that contribute to the growth of fungus and bacteria in our shoes which later on causes the terrible feet smell, rash, and itch on our feet. However, all this could be prevented through one really small and simple step which is to never leave your shoes lying around in the corners but to pack them in the shoe box cover for longer shelf life. This article will be your light in the dark if you're new and unfamiliar with how the market works. Custom packaging company provides the best deal for convenient and easy on your pocket while still maintaining the quality we are well known for. Furthermore, we will also tell you about how to recycle these apparel gift boxes and put them to use, through all the creative ways you can utilize these corrugated shoe boxes again instead of mindlessly throwing them away.

Shoe Box Vs Others

The most ideal option that people go for is the cardboard stackable sneaker container boxes. They have their own set of pros and cons but both sides balance each other out. The first advantage is that cardboard is not hard to find, it is easily available in the market and hence saves the trouble for the long hunt. Moreover, the second advantage is that it is a cheap material which translates to this that it needs the low cost to produce. When purchased on wholesale, it does not cost a lot of money as it is manufactured from recycled material. The third advantage is that it can be easily sealed using tape, glue or metal staples effectively keeping the cardboard around an item until it is opened.

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