Double Wall Corrugated Box

Double-wall corrugated boxes are made from double strength cardboard, which means they are suitable for regular packing and shipping when stacking is required, including interstate and international shipping. 

They offer extra protection for sensitive products, as the extra layer of corrugated cardboard reduces impact. As one of the best custom box manufacturers, our range of double-wall corrugated cardboard boxes are designed to offer superior strength and reliability to customers interested in shipping or storing heavy loads.

Types of Double Wall Corrugated Box

Benefits of Double Wall Corrugated Box

We provide this cardboard box in many sizes, and can also produce bespoke sizes to meet your exact needs. Cartons can also be printed to your own design specification – a great way to promote your company.

Benefits of double-wall cardboard boxes:

  • Suitable for heavy and/or fragile items, thanks to twin-fluted corrugated card

  • Ideal for business use, shipping, storage and removals

  • Supplied flat-packed for convenience – quick and easy to assemble

  • Every one of our double-wall cardboard boxes is numbered for easy identification

  • Strong and durable enough to be re-used on multiple occasions

  • Made from recycled materials, and recyclable after final use

Double Wall Corrugated Box Vs Others

The double-wall corrugated boxes provide cushioning that keeps items such as fragile products safe from rapid movements that can cause damage during long-distance transportation, shipment, and handling. In addition, the boxes protect the goods from moisture that may destroy them or reduce quality. In addition, the material can be recycled to make boxes or paper rolls. Most companies collect the boxes after they have been used and use the material to make more boxes. People also use the boxes in their homes to serve multiple purposes such as storing household tools. The double-wall corrugated shipping boxes can be made with different coatings, adhesives, and treatment depending on the needs.

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