How to Make the Color of the Packaging Box Perfect?

The printing of custom made packaging boxes is very important in the whole production process. It is also very important to control the color tone of color packaging during printing. Now we are going to introduce to you the color of packaging box during printing.

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1. Adjustment of the packaging box's color stripes

The reason why it is necessary to control the color of custom made packaging boxes is that during production, although the color of the same batch of products may be the same, there may be some color differences between them and the original sample. When printing, the general color needs to be close to the color of the sample as much as possible, so the color samples provided must be kept by special personnel. And the color samples and color cards should be replaced every three months as far as possible, so as to ensure that their hue, lightness and saturation remain the same.

2. Viscosity and pH value of ink in packaging box

First, we need to control the viscosity and pH value of ink. When printing, the machine speed needs to be well controlled, because the packaging box need a stable machine speed for production when actually printing. Especially, when the ink system is running, it needs to squeeze and rotate between the two rollers, so it needs to complete the ink supply with an appropriate linear speed difference.

3. Printing pressure of packaging box

In addition, leaflet printing factory make the contact pressure between anilox roller and printing plate can be better adjusted by controlling the printing pressure. Also, the anilox roller must be kept clean when printing.

The above shows how to better control the color tone of the packaging box during printing. Only by controlling the color tone can we ensure that the color of the printed packaging box products is closer to the color of its design, so that people will feel better from the appearance of the products.

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