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As a professional cake pastry board packaging box manufacturer and company, we offer a wide range of cake boxes with or without windows, wedding cake boxes, cupcake boxes, cardboard quick packing trays and corrugated boxes in a variety of sizes and styles. 

Carton food subscription boxes include cake boxes, cupcake boxes and whipped cream cases. Even better, in order to make your cake packaging products even more special for you and your loved ones, we also offer a service where you can design your own packaging products according to your business or occasion and print these designs on your order. Use our cake dessert decorating subscription storage boxes to display and ship your cakes in a professional, safe and hygienic manner. Our cake boxes will be your best decision as the equipment and methods used in our wholesale design for printing and packaging gift boxes meet international quality standards. And as one of the best packaging box manufacturers, we have various types of cardboard paper kraft cake packaging boxes and can customize boxes like 6 or 10 inch cylinder pink cake board and box wholesale. Our corrugated paper cake patisserie boxes wholesale prices mean that you are able to buy high quality packaging for less than you would think.

Types of Cake Box

Benefits Of Cake Box

The cake boxes they use is foldable. Also, their designs are mostly the same. The only thing that you may find different is that the boxes have windows on the top. But in case you are running your own private business of cakes, you can order tall wedding, xmas or birthday cake carrier boxes or other boxes according to your needs.

  • The first advantage you get, when your custom design a cake box is that you don't have to face size issue. Because when you went to book a deal for box personalized printing, the company ask you about the size you need. 

  • Perfect to keep the cake safe.

  • It is important that packaging also meets the standard of a product taste present inside. It is not difficult to design a box.

  • When the cake is in the box, it becomes very easy to carry it in your hands. You can also put the box in a bag. The cake will stay intact. There is no way that its shape will ruin. The only care you have to do is that you don’t place something heavy on the box. 

Cake Box/Candy Box vs Others 

Cake boxes provide protection for cakes as they are transported from the cake to the consumer. Solid board and cardboard carton cake boxes are commonly used in baker houses and are available in single and two-piece designs. The box can be opened from both sides, allowing the cake to be removed horizontally instead of upward. This avoids any difficulty in removing the cake from the box and ensures that it is not damaged. Corrugated cake boxes can also be used for large premium cakes that require maximum protection. All cake boxes can be customized with your logo, brand, or decorative design to ensure quality display of products. Features such as window patching can be included to provide excellent product visibility to consumers.

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