Paper Tube With Lid

Paper tubes with lid packaging's strong and durable structure will protect their contents across the supply chain. Available in both standard and split 'diploma style' or 'butt jointed' formats to suit your product and packaging style. 

Also available with high-quality offset litho print and additional decorative options, the composite plastic or paper craft craft tubes with lids can be premiums in a variety of ways making it perfect for gifting options. You can package almost anything in a cardboard tube. They are extremely versatile and easy to adapt with different diameters and lengths. We have manufactured personalised packaging of small cardboard cylinders tubes with lids for printed matter, screws, pens, sweets, t-shirts, glasses, belts, cornices, skirting strips, and more. The imagination is the only limit. 

As one of the best packaging box manufacturers, we promise to provide the best products for you.

Types of Paper Tube With Lid

Benefits Of Paper Tube With Lid

There are a number of benefits of using a paper tube with a lid in industries. If you are not aware of many, keep reading the pointers mentioned below to know.

  1. Cost-Effective- Cardboard packing tubes are cost-effective than other options available. These tubes do not require high labor costs to manufacture and fill boxes. Moreover, these tubes are easy to recycle and can be stored for later use. 

  2. Eco-friendly– Cardboard is one of the most eco-friendly packaging materials available on the market. Using cardboard or paper tubes can give your company the right to claim themselves an ‘eco-friendly company’. 

  3. Easy to Use- Cardboard tubes are easy to use for industries and customers. After the customer receives a product, customers can easily separate the two sides of the package to take the product out.  The contents will be safely nestled inside the packaging.

Paper Tube With Lid Vs Others 

The paper tube with a lid is one of the most versatile products imaginable. Looking good! If you do not want the tube in brown or white cardboard, you can choose one of our standard colors. If you want the tube even prettier and more appealing, we can spiral-wrap printed paper (pre-printed strip) with the color or logo of your choice on the inside or outside. Another option is to mount a printed cover (a pre-printed offset sheet) on the outside. We just need an original, and then we take care of all the rest in accordance with your wishes. Using metal lids gives a more exclusive look but you can also complete it with plastic lids which are available in most of the colors

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