White Corrugated Box

Package your items safely with these extra sturdy, white corrugated boxes. These boxes are made of standard corrugated cardboard and feature a white colored exterior with a natural kraft colored interior. 

Designed to withstand rough handling, these white cardboard boxes are ideal for shipping, mailing, moving, and storage needs. These corrugated cardboard cartons are delivered flat and are easily assembled. White corrugated cardboard boxes are made of recycled and post-consumer cardboard. They are also printed using water-based and algae-based inks and we provide white corrugated boxes wholesale and customization. For example, we could produce white corrugated boxes 24x24x24 if you need.

Types of White Corrugated Box

Benefits of White Corrugated Box

When choosing the white corrugated box for your products, it is important to know what type of material or paper thickness you are getting. Aside from keeping your package safe, paper thickness also allows you to stay on brand.

  • Choose between standard white corrugated cardboard and premium white corrugated cardboard

  • Looks clean and fresh (ideal if you are in the health or medical field)

  • Makes the colors appear more vibrant and smooth

  • Perfect for luxury and health-related brands

  • Eco-friendly personalised packaging made of partially recycled content

  • Less expensive than premium white cardboard

  • Natural texture and matte finish lends an organic feel

  • Ideal for natural and organic brands.

White Corrugated Box Vs Others

As one of the leading cardboard box manufacturers in Australia, we can offer a variety of box sizes in small and large quantities at cheap wholesale prices. Our range of white corrugated boxes have a single layer of white outside corrugated board and brown inside the corrugated board. This range of white cardboard boxes delivers the best value option for packing of lightweight goods with a white box finish. 

White cardboard boxes are a very common choice for storage, packing and moving boxes. Made from white outside corrugated cardboard, these boxes are lightweight, strong and easy to put together. 

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