Wine Bottle Box

Wine bottle boxes are very popular in packaging and printing circles, in which exquisite wine bottles are packaged in paper boxes and used as gifts. In order to protect the glass bottle during transportation, it is a very safe choice to choose the cardboard wine bottle postal carrier box that provides protection. 

Designed for high-value, fragile bottles that require extra special cardboard drink packaging, our moving packing boxes for wine bottles protects the product inside while handling, handling, and shipping. With the growing demand for robust protective packaging for fragile products, our innovation team has been researching and innovating to produce a range of extremely robust box and packaging solutions designed specifically for online retailers and businesses that need to sell high value glass items. Our personalised 3 bottle wine box case provides the perfect display for your next special gift-giving occasion. Besides that, we also have 1,2,3,4,6,12 bottle cardboard wine gift shipping boxes. Perfect for corporate gifts, open days or festive celebrations, these wine bottle and glass presentation gift moving box case with cardboard dividers ensure you always have the best choice. As one of the best packaging box manufacturers, we promise to provide the best products for you.

Types of Wine Bottle Box

Benefits Of Wine Bottle Box

Wine bottle box and wine bottle, including one bottle, two bottles, and three bottle size. You can choose luxury hard wine boxes with magnetic closures, embossed wine bottles with handles, or economical folding bottle boxes with lid and base.

  1. Our unique wine packaging and logo personalized printing options stand out from the competition. Wine gift boxes and wine boxes can not only protect the bottle but also provide brand advantages.

  2. Through brand promotion, our wine boxes can provide excellent corporate wine gifts during holidays, marketing activities, or any occasion.

  3. Available packaging box styles, sizes, and colors are available, you can easily find the items you need in the store or event.

  4. Our basket is equipped with a handle and a separate wine window slot.

  5. Our multi-bottle packaging box has separate inserts to prevent wine bottles from clinking or clanging.

  6. Our packaging boxes and baskets can be used to make gift sets, brand packaging, or resale wine store packaging.

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