Paper Bag For Wine

The process of paper wine gift bags is changeable, they can be completed by printing, hog gold/silver stamping, embossing and silk screen printing. Their handles can be made of cotton rope, paper tape, ribbon and other materials, with reinforcements on the top and bottom. 

These paper gift bags are beautiful and durable, so your customers can keep them and reuse them. The custom paper wine bottle bags can be made of white or brown kraft paper, smooth paper or plain paper, and have a matt or glossy effect. It has a wide range of sizes and value for money. It is designed for companies that need a simple but personalized package. Therefore, as one of the best packaging box manufacturers, we have adjusted the format to carry bottles and wine boxes. But now, we still have very special personalized paper wine bags that can carry two bottles separately to avoid internal collisions. Our white paper wine bottle bags bulk wholesale prices mean that you are able to buy high quality packaging for less than you would think. If you want to buy a christmas mini wine bottle gift bag, we are the best choice.

Types of Paper Bag For Wine

Benefits Of Paper Bag For Wine

Here are 3 benefits of a paper bag for wine:

  1. Boost your brand-the real benefit is that you will give gifts to your customers so that they can promote and build your brand without realizing it.

  2. Eco-Friendly-Many people want to know that reusable paper wine bags are really better than disposable options. Judging from the process of making bags, this has caused serious environmental damage to their littering.

  3. Show customers that you appreciate their business gifts is always an important tool to show customers your appreciation. These packages boxes and bags are very useful even for customers who do not drink a lot of alcohol.

Paper Bag For Wine Vs Others 

Wine bottle packaging paper bags are the simplest and most popular packaging for wine bottles. A reusable paper wine bottle bag is an economical way to pack wine, vodka, sparkling cider, and other beverages. In a narrow bottle. They are made of strong thick paper with twisted paper handles that can withstand heavy loads. Use packaging bags of 250 or more. Paper wine bags are used for bottles of different sizes and colors are also available. In addition to standard kraft paper, white and black bags, we can also produce according to the customer's design requirements. We can also customize printed wine bags with store names and logos so that everyone can know exactly what type and brand of wine your customers like.

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