Environmental Protection Concept of Clothing Packaging Boxes

As more and more people attach importance to low-carbon environmental protection, people also have certain requirements for the environmental protection of the outer packaging of products. Among them, the changes made by clothing packaging boxes in accordance with the concept of environmental protection are very large.

1. Environmental protection concept of apparel packaging boxes

For example, the quality of ink in the process of packaging box processing is very important, and now there is a lot of attention to the quality of ink, which is why many color boxes are pursuing non-toxicity when printing. , then let's take flexographic printing as an example. Many companies have begun to use water-based inks, and water-based inks are generally non-toxic. For example, there will be some aromatic hydrocarbons and other substances in the ink that are not used well in the custom printed apparel boxes, then these substances will evaporate into the air with the drying of the ink, which will not only pollute the air but also cause printing problems. It also poses a threat to the health of the operator.

2. The choice of environmentally friendly ink for apparel packaging boxes

There are also some volatile organic compounds that will volatilize with the drying of the ink, so it will also cause the air in the surrounding environment to be polluted. Some inks contain some heavy metals, so when we choose inks, we also need to choose products from regular companies. For example, inks processed from some environmentally friendly materials are very good in use.

Now the clothing packaging boxes have begun to have the concept of environmental protection, so they can have better packaging when it is used, but in fact, we also need to reduce waste as much as possible when using various packaging, for example, some can be recycled package of.

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