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Paper Folding Storage Box With Lid

Folding paper storage boxes with a lid provide a protected and stable container for every personal, office, dorm item and etc. 

These collapsible storage boxes keep everything in good order. They are convenient and space-saving and can store each item. CD packaging boxes can make every office a lot cleaner with an amazing capacity. And, compared to other storage devices, it weighs less, so it can be easily carried and transported to another location.

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How To Make Paper Folding Storage Box With Lid

  1. We need to confirm the correct file and which material should we use first.

  2. We will use the file and paper to make personalized printing.

  3. Make matt lamination.

  4. Use the machine to cut the paper.

  5. Glue the box.

  6. Pack the box.

Details Of Paper Folding Storage Box With Lid

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