Christmas Gift Box in Bulk

1. Christmas is a traditional festival in the West

Some people think that December 25 was chosen to celebrate Christmas because Christians believe that Jesus is the righteous, eternal sun. After the middle of the 5th century, Christmas, as an important holiday, became a tradition of the church and gradually spread in Eastern and Western churches. Due to different calendars used and other reasons, the specific dates and forms of activities held by each denomination are also different. The spread of Christmas customs to Asia was mainly in the middle of the nineteenth century, and Japan, South Korea, etc. were all influenced by Christmas culture. Now the West often exchanges gifts at Christmas, holds feasts, and adds a festive atmosphere with Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, etc. We know the origin of Christmas, so do you know the foldable Christmas eve box? Green Color Printing will talk about it.

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2. Different types of Christmas gift boxes

(1) Insulation Cup Christmas Packing Boxes

The pattern of the Christmas box itself is adapted to the Christmas theme, making this Christmas even warmer.

(2) Crystal Ball Christmas Boxes

The shape inside the Christmas ball is exquisite and three-dimensional, and it looks very realistic. The crystal ball Christmas box with different colors is really beautiful.

(3) Christmas Boxes with Starry Sky Projector Light

The star projection lamp Christmas box can create a romantic atmosphere.

(4) Christmas Boxes with Apples

Every year, all kinds of Christmas apples appear in the market on Christmas Eve. Apple wishes peace and security, so Christmas apples are especially loved by young people, and the flat pack Christmas Eve boxes are also very popular among young people, so the gift boxes of Christmas apples should be buautiful.

3. Specially designed Christmas packing boxes

(1) Use Christmas colors

Green and red – Christmas trees, lights, decorations are all symbolized by green and red, and the use of these two colors in Christmas packaging can clearly express the character of Christmas to consumers. Even if you don't expect any big changes this holiday season, adding a little festive color to your makeup box is great.

(2) Add Christmas elements

When looking for design inspiration, you need to keep an open mind and find suitable design elements from Christmas. Such as snowflakes, pine trees, decorations, Christmas elk, Santa Claus, through these Christmas elements, it is possible to design amazing cosmetic Christmas themed packaging boxes.

(3) Embossing

Embossing is an excellent way to utilize your brand's visual symbols. It is a printing technology that creates a 3D effect on the surface of Christmas boxes. By adding embossing to the surface of the box, combining the embossed surface with hot stamping creates a glowing effect.

(4) Hot stamping

Hot stamping is the most common process for packaging box customization. It is a method of attaching a specific part of the design with luminous foil. The effect of hot stamping is very glossy. First, add hot stamping to your logo or name, or create a Christmas logo with a hot stamped texture. You can also add hot stamping techniques to your Christmas packaging.

4. The Xmas surprise box gives people a full sense of surprise

At the end of the year, if you want to say which holiday gift box is the most anticipated, it must be the Christmas gift box. More than 200 years ago, Germans in the 19th century began to count down the 24 days before Jesus' birthday, and a countdown Advent calendar appeared. This custom developed around 1958 and was eyed by businessmen who knew how to play. They put chocolates and other small gifts in the Christmas surprise box and launched a Christmas limited "blind box" in disguise - a countdown gift box composed of 24 small blind boxes, which will be opened every day from December, and you can get the joy of receiving gifts every day at Christmas.

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