Kraft Paper Tube

Kraft paper tubes are most often used in shipping, mailing, and packaging applications to safely transport posters, blueprints, unframed artwork, calendars, promotional materials, banners, large documents, and any rolled material that cannot be folded or packed into a cardboard box.

The paper cores of toilet paper and paper towels are often made of low-quality kraft paper. The outside is usually covered in kraft paper which has been printed on for a decorative and colorful look. Kraft paperboard shipping mailing tubes are also sometimes used for long-term document storage and protection. Cardboard tubes made of kraft paper are constructed in a similar way to other types of postal tubes. Firstly, large sheets of kraft paper are cut into thin ribbons which are then coated in adhesive and wrapped at an angle around a mandrel of the desired shape. The kraft cardboard paper cylinder packaging tubes either have crimped ends that fold shut to secure the ends of the tube, or snap-on plastic, metal, or wooden caps that snugly block both ends, keeping the products securely inside. Our kraft paper push up lip balm tubes wholesale prices mean that you are able to buy high quality packaging for less than you would think. We promise that our kraft mailing tubes with end caps is your best choice. As a reliable paper box manufacturer, we promise to provide the best products for you.

Types of Kraft Paper Tube

Benefits Of Kraft Paper Tube

Kraft paper tube has two main advantages, one is environmental protection, but cost savings. In the personalised packaging market, environmental protection is the basic requirement for packaging, but environmentally round kraft paper box kraft tube packaging friendly packaging often means high standards and high costs-standards are all smashed out of money. Kraft paper takes into account these two advantages and meets the packaging requirements of general products. Kraft paper's drop resistance, cushioning performance, and stiffness are excellent. For small items, simple kraft paper packaging is sufficient. Products, kraft box tube plus foam, sponge, EVA, and other materials can also be easily handled. Garry Technology customized kraft paperboard tube packaging.

Kraft Paper Tube Vs Others 

Kraft paper tubes are a great option for your retail packaging needs. Made with food-safe kraft paper, making them ideal for food packaging without the fear of having your product's flavor be altered. As with many other paper bags, there is a possibility of having damp or greasy food products saturate the paper structure. However, we decided to eliminate this issue with a layer of PE lamination on the inside of the tube to make them perfect for food goods that would otherwise compromise kraft paper. kraft paper tubes are either eye-shaped or round with each having the option of featuring a built-in PET plastic window. The material used on the outside of the tubes is easy to label and directly write on for personal branding or logo stickers.

Kraft paper tubes are easily assembled, with two separate thermoformed lids that give

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