Kraft Paper Pillow Box

Kraft pillow boxes are a very popular cardboard box style that is flattened before folding and then assembled into a pillow shape. 

The kraft paper pillow box is made from natural kraft paper and is environmentally friendly and recyclable. You can buy two small sizes of these corrugated pillow boxes in our stock at this store with string together. The hemp string is used to secure and decorate the brown paper box after you have filled it with items or your favorite candy. They can be used to wrap small products for sale, or to provide small gifts at certain events, or wrap candy as gift boxes. Our kraft pillow boxes wholesale prices prices mean that you are able to buy high quality personalised packaging for less than you would think.

Types of Kraft Paper Pillow Box

Benefits Of Kraft Pillow Box 

Our kraft paper pillow boxes have rounded edges and expandable Spaces, perfect for display. Although they all have the same general pillow shape, as a reliable supplier of boxes, we offer these boxes in a variety of sizes and have unique features that match each box. All pillow boxes are manufactured to be food-safe, allowing you to pack snacks and sweets in fortified paper containers that do not damage taste. They are also self-supporting, making them ideal for retail display racks, making pillowcases ideal for any store. The kraft pillowcase is also environmentally friendly and made from recycled materials.

Kraft Pillow Boxes Vs Others 

Kraft pillow boxes are made from environmentally friendly recycled kraft paper and they are 100% environmentally friendly packaging. These kraft pillow boxes are a great choice for packing party gifts, candies, bread cookies, jewelry, headphones, sunglasses, or any other small handmade or homemade craft items. Large pillowcases are popular for hair extensions when made to a long enough length. They are also an ideal way to wrap clothes such as scarves, which is a great alternative to plastic bags or clothing boxes. They are easy to use, very easy to assemble, you can easily wrap the product inside and fold, and customers can easily open these pillowcases.

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