Christmas Gift Box

Green Color Printing is a professional manufacturer of flat pack Christmas eve box wholesale.  For our wholesale Christmas eve gift box, there are something special: boxes imprinted with cute Christmas decorations, original gift ribbons for decorating gift boxes, tags for Christmas presents, Christmas-themed washi tapes and decorative felts to personalize your gift boxes even further.

Christmas is even more wonderful when the presents are packed in a Christmas eve present box of self-packaging. Green Color Printing is specialized in cardboard Christmas eve boxes wholesale. Our cardboard Christmas eve boxes provide an original and creative way of Christmas gift wrapping. With the help of our flat pack Christmas eve box wholesale, customers can personalize each person's gift. Every gift in our Christmas gift paper bags and boxes is unique! Our flat pack Christmas eve box wholesale has plenty of templates for  Christmas Santa stacking boxes wholesale, which makes it ideal for helping children create their own personalised christmas stacking boxes for their Christmas gifts while enjoying a relaxing craft activity.

As a professional packaging manufacturer of gift boxes, we have plenty of empty Christmas eve bags and boxes bulk for candy and other food for sale as well as flat pack wooden holiday cardboard Christmas eve stacking gift treat boxes wholesale service. we have different colors, like white, red, pink, gold, grey, silver and blue Christmas eve gift boxes. Besides that, different sizes also can be customized, such as extra-large, big, small, mini personalized wooden Xmas holiday family Christmas eve stacking gift box with lids for chocolates, other presents or for decorations. Green Color Printing is a professional manufacturer of Christmas stacking boxes wholesale in China. If you want to find a reliable cardboard Christmas eve boxes wholesale supplier, contact us now!

Types of Christmas Gift Box

Benefits of Christmas Gift Box

1. Christmas themed gift boxes: suitable for all occasions, and expression of kindness

Celebrate the housewarming of friends, birthdays of parents, partners, children, marriages of colleagues, etc. After making large snowman stackable wrapping gift present boxes for Christmas eve, load books, instruments and other products that are good for them as gifts. Life requires a sense of ritual, and no one will refuse a gift full of heart. Start now and prepare a surprise for them.

2. Cute Christmas boxes: give them all the good things

A birthday of a friend or lover, and you want to DIY a gift yourself, so how can you prepare carefully to let the packaging hinder you? Give your own handmade products directly to the other party, lacking mystery, want to see each other open the gift surprise, the custom and personalised family Christmas eve stacking boxes making can help you.

3. Custom Christmas boxes: as if tailored for it

The Christmas tree trinket gift box can be made according to your needs. The exclusive logo on the packaging box and the photos can move the other party and feel your heart and soul. Love has manifested, if you are not good at words, you must show love in other ways to make the other party feel. 

Flat Pack Christmas Eve Box Wholesale

Wholesale Christmas eve gift box from Green Color Printing!

Christmas is a joyful festival when people spread love, joy, and happiness by giving presents to each other. Green Color Printing, as a professional manufacturer and supplier of cardboard Christmas eve boxes wholesale, is honored to offer you Christmas eve boxes bulk of different styles, such as flat pack Christmas eve box wholesale, Santa stacking boxes wholesale, and  Christmas tree stacking boxes wholesale. Our cardboard Christmas eve boxes wholesale are decorated with cute patterns, such as Santa, Christmas trees, candies, reindeer, etc, which add the Christmas atmosphere to our Christmas eve boxes in bulk. Also, you can customize your own Christmas eve boxes, by designing the logos, patterns, sizes, etc. 

When the Christmas festival comes, people will prepare nice presents. The Christmas presents without Christmas packaging are dull.  So Christmas stacking boxes wholesale is needed.  Some companies need to bulk buy Christmas eve boxes at an early time to seize the market. Our Christmas stacking boxes wholesale is extremely popular during the Christmas season. Green Color Printing has stackable Christmas boxes wholesale. You can contact us now for a competitive price.

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