Color Box Gift Packaging Flexographic Printing Skills

Color box gift packaging will choose to use flexographic printing for processing when printing, and flexographic printing refers to the use of liquid ink for printing. Let's take a look at the use of flexographic printing. What are some tips for printing?

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1. When designing the original, it is necessary to use various colors accurately

Generally, when designing flexographic printing for packaging, color box gifts should have some design works that are either elegant, bold, warm, or visually impactful in terms of color selection; there is also the color used in printing. The number needs to be reduced as much as possible, which can also reduce the number of overprints required. Because when the number of overprints is more, the compressive strength of the color box gift packaging will decrease more seriously.

2. Color box gift packaging flexographic printing design style

When designing color box gift packaging, some styles are more concise and lively, and some are more layered when designing. Because the flexible version itself has the characteristics of high elasticity but easy deformation, the expansion of the dots after being pressed will be more serious. In this way, 1% or 2% of the small dots in the plate making process are relatively easy to lose in the process of washing the plate, and 3% of the dots are generally expanded to about 10% during printing, and it is difficult to be From 0 to 100%, a gradient or a softer layer effect is made. Therefore, the gradation area of highlights and shadows that can be presented in general flexo products is relatively small, and even a well-printed product can only appear 8% to 10% of the dots in the highlight position.

The above is the technique of flexographic printing for color box gift packaging, and the ink used in it needs to be checked whether it is sufficient before running. All boxes of Green Color Printing are 100% recycled and can be customized. We are a professional carton, carton and printing manufacturer, providing high quality printed packaging products and unmatched service.


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