Hexagon Box

Make hexagonal boxes of several sizes and decorate them with common shapes or stars. These boxes can be used as gift boxes, like storage boxes for trinkets, for parties or weddings, or as decorative ornaments for writers. 

As an unusual hexagon gift box set, it also has a separate lid that looks very impressive, but it is easy to make. The hexagonal trinket box stand out for their unusual shape. Hexagonal boxes are especially suitable for round products such as bottles, cans, rolls or jars and etc. Due to the unusual shape design, the hexagonal box set is a striking way to display the product, creating a unique and quality feel for the items inside. Hexagon gift box sets are fully customizable and can be printed on all six sides as well as two end faces to enhance your brand image. And now we also have custom printing service for you. If you are looking for a suitable hexagon gift box set manufacturer, Green Color Printing is your reliable hexagon gift box set supplier. Welcome to contact us for more information about our custome hexagon gift box set.

Types of Hexagon Box

The Advantage Of Hexagon Box

The hexagon boxes can be used to store your earrings, bracelets, rings, watches, necklaces, and other jewelry. This is a great gift box. When you put your gifts in these hexagon boxes. There is no need to wrap it in any paper. Its unique shape and creative appearance will be enough to increase the value of the gift. Gift shops and manufacturing companies will always need these hexagonal boxes. Use our hexagon boxes to increase the sales rate of your products. As one of the best packaging box manufacturers, we also design hexagon boxes according to customer needs. If you have any requirements for the color or texture of the box, please let us know. We will follow your details to make a hexagon box. 

You can get these boxes in any quantity. We also provide hexagonal boxes of different sizes. Get the box you need anytime, anywhere. Make sure you have provided the correct address in case you need it. If there is a problem with the product.

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