Paper Box With PVC Window

Paper box with PVC window is made of 100% recyclable material. It is easy to open and popular around the world. We specialize in specific requirements to customize transparent window paper gift boxes, we provide one-stop service( design, production, and delivery). In order to provide the most competitive price and satisfactory service, our paper boxes with PVC window have won a good reputation among customers at home and abroad. Now we want to develop more global business relationships.

The transparent window on the paper box can be in any shape. They are square windows, rectangular windows, heart shape windows, and other custom shapes. Most transparent plastics are made of PVC and PET.  PET is a very environmentally friendly material because it's completely recyclable. Paper food boxes are usually made of PET material with transparent Windows. As one of the best packaging box manufacturers, we promise to provide the best products for you.

Types of Paper Box With PVC Window

Benefits Of Paper Box With PVC Window

Paper boxes with PVC window boxes is widely used in the retail packaging industry, including cosmetics, health and beauty, wine, and many other industries seeking eye-catching transparent boxes. Our paper box with PVC window has strong impact resistance, good printing effect, and scratch resistance. Our personalised packaging designers will work with your team to create the right transparent packaging for your application that will stand out on the shelf and get your product noticed.

Paper Box With PVC Window Vs Others 

Choosing a paper box with a PVC window gives packaging designers and product managers a wide range of creative options to increase product awareness and stimulate customer curiosity. But choosing the right movie is crucial to getting the best results. Window size is an important factor to consider. The larger the window, the harder the film should be, as it will require a film with a certain structural strength. If the window is small, then a thin flexible film is sufficient. It is also important to consider potential gluing surfaces. When designing packaging, leaving enough room for window gluing will reduce risk and increase production speed (and thus cost).

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