Hexagonal Trinket Box

We use eco-friendly materials to make the hexagonal trinket box. The structure is very firm. 

The surface of the hexagonal trinket box has been made matt lamination. The hexagon shape box can be used for a long time and kept the colors well. The hexagonal trinket boxes are suited for all kinds of jewelry and various accessories. Because the hexagonal trinket box made of paper material, they are very light and easy to carry. 

Types of Hexagonal Trinket Box

Benefits Of Hexagonal Trinket Box

Hexagonal trinket box is a beautiful shape , We can use customers requirements to print a variety of colors and patterns. Most of the process need to be done by hand, there is no need to make too many molds, so our minimum order quantity can be very small, 500 pieces can be customized.

The hexagonal trinket box is not only look like a high quality hexagonal trinket box, It is also look like a work of art. As one of the best cardboard box suppliers, we promise to provide the best products for you.

Hexagonal Trinket Box Vs Others 

When we got to the common packaging box, most of us will discard the box after using up the inside products. But when we sow the hexagonal trinket box, our eyes will brighten up, and we will be attracted by this unique shape at the same time. Most of us will put this hexagonal trinket box in our room, so we can pack some messy small accessories. We will also cherish this hexagonal trinket box which can also be more durable.

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