Cardboard Boxes With Handle

The cardboard box with handle is adding a simple handle to the cardboard box, enable the customer take it without additional tools. 

Cardboard case with handles makes it easier to carry the box. As a professional manufacturer of cardboard case with handle, Green Color Print produces cardboard case with handle which can be printed with your logo and branding in any color, or left unprinted. There are many design options for your cardboard storage boxes. Cardboard case with handle makes your effort less in carrying. The area of packaging that deals with cardboard gift box with handle quite brilliant because there is the definite emphasis on quality, as the handles have to be strong and reliable. As a professional box manufacturer, our cardboard case with handle is of high quality. You can check our different types of cardboard case with handle below. If you have any questions, welcome to contact us!

Types of Cardboard Boxes With Handle

Benefits of Cardboard Boxes with Handle

To pack the gifts, you can use the cardboard case with handle. Top handle makes these handles easy for carrying also. But make sure about one thing that you buy the gift boxes with handles according to your gift. If you want to store the things like food items or any other, then you can use the cardboard gift boxes with handles. Many colorful boxes are also available in the market and can be used for this purpose. In short, you can use handle boxes for the packaging of food items, baby products, candies, cakes and much other food stuff. Special materials and techniques like CMYK/PMS techniques are used to make these boxes durable but on the other hand, it also depends on your product which you want to keep for the storage.

Cardboard Boxes With Handle Vs Cardboard Boxes Without Handle

Cardboard boxes with handle, also known as cardboard case with handle, is suit for small gift and light in weight products. Cardboard boxes without handle can be carried heavy products and can be mailing boxes, the cost price is also lower than carton boxes with handle. Most clients will choose boxes with handle, because it is always look luxury and easy to take any where. Finally, it depends the size, shape and the product`s weight, and then, make a decision for which is better. Please contact us, we will give you good some suggestions.

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