Kraft Food Box

The kraft food box is available in several sizes. They are designed to work with all a wide range of foods - hot, cold, wet, or dry. Also great for treats. 

This kraft paper food packaging containers are very sturdy and therefore is highly suitable for home delivery as well as take away. The kraft paper box for food can hold many kinds of fast food meals and snacks, grilled chicken, fish, chicken wings for example. The natural appearance of the kraft material presents the product inside in a tasteful and attractive way. These packaging of kraft takeaway food boxes are suitable for take-away shops, petrol stations, cafeterias, markets, catering and event catering. As a professional paper box manufacturer, now we provide the service about kraft food and meal boxes wholesale. If you want to have kraft chinese paper catering boxes or containers for taking out, you can contact with us to customize your products.

Types of Kraft Food Box

Benefits of Kraft Food Box

Kraft paper take out boxes are common in the market as many businesses are using them but the quality of these eco-friendly kraft boxes can vary differently because some businesses might just want to cut costs. Boxes, in general, offer you great benefits, and keeping that in mind you can imagine how important it is to keep your food safe. To tell you about these advantages here a few of them:

  • Safety

  • Product awareness

  • Increases the shelf life of the product

  • Allows you to be creative

Kraft Food Box Vs Other

Pack these eco-friendly brown kraft meal boxes with schnitzel, chicken, fish, chips, and other fast food for an easy and convenient way to serve meals to party guests at your jungle, woodland or vintage themed party. Kraft takeaway food boxes is made from a rigid and sturdy corrugated fluted board designed for hot greasy savory and sweet food. Ideal for serving large-sized meal combos like burgers with chips or salads. The raw and rustic look of brown kraft takeaway packaging enhances the presentation of food. This clam is a 100% natural and eco-friendly option because of its uncoated lining.

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