Corrugated Shipping Box

We offer high quality corrugated shipping boxes designed for various industry applications. We have an extensive inventory to choose from to suit your packaging and shipping requirements. 

Corrugated shipping containers are designed for durability. These are made from corrugated paper board—different from what we commonly know of as cardboard. Corrugated paper boards have a row of paper ridges and air columns that act as a cushion, while the paper boards function as support to make the box firm. Corrugated paper boards can be made up of one or more layers of flutes (paper ridges) and liners (flat sheet on the outer box surface) depending on how sturdy the box has to be. For special packaging and shipping requirements, custom corrugated shipping mailer boxes are single face corrugated boards that are flexible and used to cushion light items. There are also single, double, and triple wall corrugated boards designed for much heavier items such as furniture and appliances. As a professional paper box supplier, we provide the service of corrugated shipping mailer boxes wholesale. For example, we can customize pink, colored, tall, small or tuck top corrugated shipping mailing boxes according to your needs.

Types of Corrugated Shipping Box

Benefits of Corrugated Shipping Box

Corrugated material is made out of an arched paper design, known as "fluting", which fits between two liners. The sophisticated construction is crucial to ensuring the material can carry a wide range of weights, protect against moisture and provide sustainable packaging solutions. Corrugated cartons can be customized to carry nearly any item, from pharmaceutical supplies to bulk food products, and is used on an everyday basis in a wide range of industries. They are also sustainable and recyclable solutions that help to cut costs. Read on to learn more about the protective packaging solutions, customizable options and cost-effective and sustainable benefits of the corrugated box.

Corrugated Shipping Box Vs Others

Corrugated packaging cartons are ideal options for any industry's shipping, packaging and storage needs. Designs can include basic constructions for simple solutions, provide complex packaging for more specific needs, and can be folded into different shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide variety of packaging requirements. Personalized printing options are also widely customizable, with the ability to direct print onto the cartons with bold, colorful and high-resolution graphics. 

Corrugated boxes can be customized to fit any product's specifications and keep items protected, making them extremely reliable packaging options for both residential and commercial needs.

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