Cardboard Tube With Lid
Cardboard Tube With Lid
Craft Tubes With Lids
Cardboard Tube With Lid

Custom White Paper Cylinder Tube Packaging With Lid

The paper tube with a lid is one of the most versatile products imaginable. Looking good! If you do not want the tube in brown or white cardboard, you can choose one of our standard colors. 

If you want the cardboard tube with lid even prettier and more appealing, we can spiral-wrap printed paper (pre-printed strip) with the color or logo of your choice on the inside or outside. Another option is to mount a printed cover (a pre-printed offset sheet) on the outside. We just need an original, and then we take care of all the rest in accordance with your wishes. Using metal lids gives a more exclusive look but you can also complete it with plastic lids which are available in most of the colors.

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How To Make Custom White Paper Cylinder Tube Packaging With Lid  

  1. We need to confirm the correct file and which material should we use first.

  2. We will use the file and paper to make personalized printing.

  3. Use the machine to cut the paper.

  4. Glue the tube.

  5. Pack the tube with a carton.

The Detail Of Custom White Paper Cylinder Tube Packaging With Lid

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