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Corrugated boxes, also called corrugated containers are the lifeblood of the modern packaging and shipping industries. Think about it, almost everything we touch has been packaged, moved, delivered, and received in a brown box. Packaging plays an important part in our everyday lives. 

To improve how we move things from point A to B, it's necessary to learn all the ins and outs of how manufacturers go about making corrugated folding produce boxes. Corrugated is made from three layers of thick paper stock that are glued together. Two flat outside pieces called liners have a layer of grooved cardboard sandwiched between them. The wavy piece of paper stock is called fluted cardboard carton box, and it comes in different sizes to provide different levels of strength. If you're not in the corrugated box factory or in personalised packaging industry, you probably don't know that cardboard usually refers to a think paper stock or heavy paper-pulp. Cardboard is actually the heavy paper used to create cereal boxes, tissues, greeting cards, and more. Although cardboard corrugated packaging carton boxes are made with cardboard, it's not exactly the same. You can use our personalized corrugated storage or packing boxes for shoes, wine, fruit, vegetable, pallet, mango and other food.

As one of the best custom box manufacturers focus on custom-made printed corrugated cardboard packaging carton boxes as well as a professional corrugated packaging box company, we have many custom bulk corrugated gift cardboard boxes business wholesale for sale. We also have different types of corrugated fiberboard carton gable boxes and various sizes for your choice, for example, large and small corrugated boxes of pink, plain or colored. And different shapes of custom corrugated shipping boxes are also welcome to order, like corrugated boxes with long, tall, flat, round and cylinder shape, or with micro or narrow flute, with small wall, triple wall, laminated, waterproof, side loading. For example, if you are lookong for corrugated open tuck top bin boxes, you can contact with us for the customize service.

Types of Corrugated Paper Box

The Advantage of Corrugated Paper Box

Sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard of stock corrugated boxes, the ridged flutes of the eco-friendly corrugated outer boxes with lid are designed to support a great deal of weight. Not only is this beneficial for shipping purposes, but it also plays an important part in supporting the weight of food in corrugated disposables like pizza boxes. This cardboard fluting construction of corrugated sleeve box also plays an integral role in protecting items during transportation and preventing damages. The curved arches created by these flutes in corrugated moving boxes make boards durable and resist pressure applied from any angle. The empty space of empty corrugated box located between the flutes and under the arches even provides cushioning, as well as insulation in the event of extreme temperature changes.

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