Ways to Guarantee the Hardness of Custom Printed Gift Boxes

1. Material classification of custom printed gift boxes

There are many aspects to consider when choosing a gift box, such as quality, material, style, and version. If necessary, you can choose wholesale customization, which is more unique. Many people may not have a choice. We will help you better understand and recognize the product through the following introduction. The material of the box is different, and the packaging form is also different, so the quality and use effect will also be different. Therefore, the quality of the ccustom printed gift boxes material directly determines its overall quality. The packaging material is mainly to protect the product during transportation.

(1) Paper packaging materials: wrapping paper, honeycomb paper, bag paper, honeycomb paperboard, kraft paper, industrial paperboard, honeycomb paper core and corrugated paper.

(2) Gift box plastic packaging materials: sealing film, shrink film, plastic film, wrapping film and heat shrink film.

(3) Composite flexible packaging materials: flexible packaging, aluminized film, aluminum foil composite film, vacuum aluminized paper, composite film, composite paper.

(4) Gift box metal packaging materials: tinplate, aluminum foil, barrel hoop, steel belt, packaging buckle, blister aluminum, aluminum plate, steel buckle.

(5) Hot stamping materials: hot stamping materials, laser film, anodized aluminum, hot stamping paper, foil film, hot stamping film, hot stamping foil, hot stamping foil, color foil.

According to the specific classification of these packaging materials, we can say that when we choose a large gift box, we can distinguish its materials well. From the quality of the packaging materials, the authenticity of the goods can also be directly identified. Ordinarily qualified merchandise does not cut corners from packaging materials. It can be seen that the gift box is still very important for material control.

2. How to customize the hardness of printed gift boxes

When the printing equipment leaves the factory, the color registration indicators are generally for traditional printing, so only the four-corner positioning method is used as the basis for accurate color registration. However, this technical indicator cannot clearly describe the distortion caused by mechanical inconsistency in the overall print.

In fact, it is more difficult for professional printing personnel to see its defects in the normal application of flat traditional printed matter. However, compared with many high-end printing industries and special visual lenticular image printing industries, the color registration accuracy index of such printing equipment is far from enough. That is because it is often necessary to have good color registration accuracy at any position in the effective printing area, so that the printing quality and yield of the custom-printed gift box are guaranteed. Therefore, the digital register technology in the multi-level color printing press is the basic guarantee for the yield of lenticular image printing. And it can also improve the printing efficiency and printing quality in the traditional printing industry.

The above is the accurate color registration technology required for custom printed gift boxes during printing, and this technology can also calibrate the parameters of various commonly used printing materials, and at the same time, a database can be established so that the printing materials can be more quickly and accurately printed. processed without error.


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