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We are one of the professional cardboard paper tubes & sales manufacturers and suppliers in china used in a wide range of consumer retail, industrial, medical and government markets. Our empty wrapping paper mailing shipping tubes have varied in size, surface treatment, and style. All our products are spiral wound paper tubes that have been modified into the exquisite custom cardboard tea cylinder postal paper tube packaging. 

For more traditional paper tube uses, we offer mail tubes, paper cores, open tubes with or without endcaps, and retractable containers. Our cardboard canister paperboard bottle gift tubes packaging for fabric storage will add value to your products and help you stand out on the retail shelves. And we provide custom printing service for you now. Serving the leading industry, we have large cardboard cylinder circular paper containers tubes for sale now and can customize the shape, style, and material of your packaging to make your product packaging one of a kind, for example hollow cardboard carton paper packing tubes of black, white colors and large, small and mini diameter sizes. And our cheap cardboard paper push up tube packaging bulk wholesale prices mean that you are able to buy high quality personalised packaging for less than you would think. Your customers are sure to be impressed!

Types of Paper Packaging Tube

The Advantage Of Paper Packaging Tube

As one of the best packaging box manufacturers, we promise to provide the best products for you. Paper packing tube is safe and durable. It can be done in various shapes and sizes to accommodate any type of product. The product is securely nestled between the packaging parts that prevent any damage during transit. Paper tube packaging provides a stable cushioning to the packaged product and reduces the chances of damage to the product during transport. Paper packing tube that is not eco-friendly creates unnecessary junk that ends up either in landfills or into ocean beds. Such packaging is harmful to the environment. Customers are becoming more aware of the dangers of non-degradable packaging and are preferring products using eco-friendly packaging. Paper packing tube is a lightweight packaging material. Paper tube packaging is thus lightweight and easy to transport. Paper tube packaging is more convenient for customers. They can easily take out the packaged product by separating the two sides of the package. The product is securely cushioned inside the packaging and there is no scope of it getting damaged. Paper packing tube also makes it easier for customers to squeeze the product out. 

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