Paper Tube With Window

The design for a paper tube with a window, look more delicate. When we were shopping, we can see the inside products through the window directly. 

When designing a paper tube with a window, we can put the most characteristic and beautiful part of the product in the clear window of the paper tube. This can attract a large number of consumers. The paper tube with a window is one of the best ways to show products. Paper tube with window has become more and more important and more and more products are using this packaging. Food, cosmetics, essential oils, candles, shirts are packaged in paper tubes. Any products can be packaged with a paper tube with a window. As a professional corrugated box supplier, we promise to provide the best products for you.

Types of Paper Tube With Window

Benefits Of Paper Tube With Window

Paper tube with window is becoming more and more popular in the market, all our products are made of 100% recyclable paper. Our experts can help you to fix your ideas to completion. Paper tube with window has many benefits. First of all, they are flexible and powerful, besides, they can be reused and recycled easily. We can see the products through the clear window directly but no need to put the box. In fact, paper tubes are usually made of recycled paper. Compared with most other materials, cardboard is easier to cut, purchasing and handling. In terms of strength/weight ratio, cardboard is lightweight and durable and is generally preferred over plastic and metal. Heavy-duty cardboard tubes are not prone to dents and breaks, making this cardboard ideal for high-impact mailing and transportation applications. And we also provide custom printing service for you now.

Paper Tube With Window Vs Others 

The function of the paper tube with a window is almost the same as the common paper tube. But the weight of the paper tube with a window will be much lighter than the common paper tube. Many customers will like this type of paper tube. In addition, we can see the products inside directly, increasing the degree of attention to the products, so many consumers like to buy this product.

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