Cardboard Boxes With Lids

The cardboard box with lid has the function of convenient display. The box is opened and the upper box is placed outside the lower box, so that it does not occupy a place and can be well displayed. And we also have cardboard box with clear plastic lid that can see through the inner part. 

There are many types and colors for decorative cardboard boxes with lids, like coloured cardboard boxes with lids, black coloured cardboard boxes with lids, white cardboard storage boxes with clear lids containing gift or shoe. Besides that, we can make cheap cardboard or paperboard craft boxes with hinged lids as well. These are the unique advantages of the printing of the box of heaven and earth. If you want to buy a decorative cardboard boxes with transparent window lid, our packaging manufacturer is the best choice. In addition, because the special paper is very good, the price of the packaging manufacturer is also very low. 

Types of Cardboard Boxes With Lids

Benefits of Cardboard Boxes With Lids

The decorative cardboard boxes with lids are composed of two upper and lower uncovered boxes, and no other splicing process is required. The box printing factory only needs to make the upper box and the lower box separate, and the upper box and the lower box are all formed by the molding machine. This is also the unique advantage of our personalized printing. The flip box is made up of a leather case and an inner box, but the assembly still needs to be complete.

Cardboard Boxes With Lids vs Cardboard Boxes Without Lids

For the decorative coloured cardboard boxes with lids, those lids on the boxes not only give an aesthetic for the cardboard box, but each type of lid also has its own features for the inner product. For example, the solid lid is like a pizza box so that customers can see the entire surface of the cake, increasing the "eye-catching" and creating a sense of appetite.

The lid of the cardboard box is designed for easy portability. While high-class wines prefer yin and yang boxes, because of the elegance and the ability to display products.

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