How to Choose Raw Materials for Making Gift Boxes?

Exquisite gift boxes also play a very important role in the sales of gifts, especially in attracting consumers, and will increase the added value of products, while promoting the company's products. Good at packaging design, over the years the industry has designed and produced exquisite gift boxes, and has rich experience in packaging box production and design. So how to choose its raw materials?

In the choice of gift box materials, paper containers need to occupy an important position, and then the proportion of leather, wood, plastic and metal materials has increased than before, but natural materials such as bamboo, willow, and grass are still rarely used. Compared with some gifts, there are also materials that use wood as the outer packaging. Show the temperament of its natural civilization. Just like the red wine packaging box, the design of the wine box gift began to reflect the logo of the country and the strong red wine civilization. In the design of the wine box gift, many wooden materials are used to make the red wine packaging box, straw is added to the red wine inner box, and the red wine bottle is set off with frosted raw materials, which reflects the strong symbol of the civilization of the wine village. The harmony between wine bottle moving boxes design and wine civilization is realized. Among paper containers, cartons have great advantages. According to different levels of gifts, the materials chosen are also different.

1. A gift box that is plain

(1) The gift packaging carton is relatively low. Generally, more than 350 grams of white cardboard printing film is used, and then die-cut.

(2) In some cases, 300 grams of white cardboard is used to mount a cardboard, and then print, laminate and die-cut.

2. Mid-range gift box

Use 250g or 300g aluminum foil cardboard and 300g whiteboard as the printing side, then print the film, then die cut.

The gift box is common in our lives, and some innovative designs are very valuable. China's reciprocity is the embodiment of Chinese culture, and it pays great attention to its quality. At present, its customization needs to inject fresh blood. As people pay more and more attention to gift box packaging, manufacturers have a larger and larger share of the market, and most of them are the same, and their ideas tend to be saturated. We need some flexible ideas to design products that will catch everyone's eyes, so it's very broad.

Gift boxes require a lot of investment, and advanced equipment needs to be put into production in the later stage of product printing, which is the core part of product production. Good design requires rigorous equipment to display. Its customization is not only a design, but also a propaganda of Chinese culture. Pay attention to this point in production and incorporate more Chinese elements.

The above is an introduction to the selection of raw materials for gift boxes. With the deepening of China's reform and opening up, international exchanges are becoming more and more frequent, and there are more and more international political, economic, cultural, sports, commercial and religious activities, and the requirements for product packaging are also getting higher and higher. The extended packaging as a supporting industry is becoming more and more mature, showing broad development space and market prospects.


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