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We design and manufacture custom cardboard packaging gift boxes with inserts and dividers that securely secure your products in place for shipping and courier handling. There are countless options for the design of cardboard paper, sponge or plastic inserts and dividers for boxes. Our design team will handle each project according to the specific requirements of the box contents, whether they are heavy, clumsily shaped, fragile, or even alive! 

Our cartons box with separator inserts and dividers are the ideal packing solution for your filled or emptied glass bottles, jars and etc. We can use these corrugated boxes with tray inserts for pizza, chocolate, wine, bottle, candle. The corrugated cardboard mailing boxes and inserts should not exceed the cost of the product inside. Like cardboard plugins, corrugated cardboard offers lower storage costs for custom packaging boxes.The lining of cardboard carton shipping packaging box divider inserts is strong and durable, but there is groove lining buffer that can be recycled and realize the real environmental protection packaging inside and outside. As one of the best packaging box manufacturers, we promise to provide the best products for you.

Types of Box With Insert

The Advantage Of Box With Insert 

The insert can be foam and cardboard, we always use these 2 types of inside for boxes.

  1. Provides Best Protection- Custom foam box plugins provide optimal protection during transportation. The choice of foam can be made based on the weight and fragility of the product to be shipped. Even though the foam is light in weight, it is a strong material that can be made into a custom foam box and help prevent damage to the product during transportation.

  2. Fast and Simple Packing- The cardboard inserts make packaging quick and easy. Because we will make cardboard inserts to fits the shape of the product, it is easy to pack multiple products in a few minutes. None of the products are improperly packed, as each fits the right box size. This simplifies the whole packaging process.

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