Rigid Gift Box

Rigid cardboard gift boxes are something which can make your moments remarkable as they are designed in varied styles and sizes. 

A gift box should be easy for opening as complicated gift boxes are not welcome in the market. Our custom rigid gift boxes are simple and graceful which are designed with special cardboard and colorful art paper. We use hidden magnets in our gift boxes which keep them close and secure. We use the copper, gold and silver foiling to make it more decorated and beautiful. The use of plastic in custom collapsible gift boxes is causing pollution and health hazards, while the use of paper keeps them recyclable, economic and human-friendly. Small retailers can also increase their viability by selling our gift boxes, as they are cheaper in charges but rich in excellence. If you want to customize white rigid gift boxes, please consult and contact with us.

Types of Rigid Gift Box

Benefits of Rigid Gift Box

Custom rigid boxes also known as Set Up Boxes are quite common kinds of packaging and they are mostly linked with luxury items. Rigid boxes are 4 times thicker when compared to folding cartons and are not printed directly normally. In fact, they are wrapped with paper that can be plain or luxurious as needed.

  • More Durable, Both In Looks And Material.

  • Radiates Quality And Lends An Extra Sense Of Quality To The Product.

  • Fine And Smooth Outer Surfaces That Feel Fine To The Touch.

  • In Boxes Having Magnetic Closure, The Magnet Is Not Visible.

  • Simple Elegance No Requirement For Perplexing Graphics.

  • The Groove Cutter Makes Beautiful Edges.

Rigid Gift Box Vs Others

Rigid boxes have strong construction, used as high end packaging products, great as gift boxes, presentation boxes. As one of the best custom box manufacturers, JinDian Packaging design, manufacture and wholesale rigid gift boxes coming in so many sizes, colors, designs and shapes that can fit different occasion. We also can print custom logo on rigid gift boxes. 

Those gift boxes are made of 1500g chipboard to build very strong construction, wrapped boxes by matt laminated art paper, black and red color, feature with sliver foil pattern on lid of boxes, two piece construction with lid and base, neck style to add more quality and luxurious feel.

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