Kraft Box With Clear Lid

Kraft paper box with clear lid allows you to pack items so that they can be on display even when the box is closed. 

As a professional manufacturer of kraft paper box with clear lid, Green Color Printing is excited to offer a variety of clear lid boxes with kraft base for all kinds of items, from food to clothing. Whether you're a business owner researching wholesale jewelry packaging or someone looking for the perfect kraft paper gift box, you'll find what you need right here. We even have kraft boxes with transparent lid that are specially designed for jewelry, which is great for retailers who sell on online marketplaces. Green Color Printing is your reliable kraft paper box with clear lid supplier. If you are looking for high-quality clear lid boxes with kraft base, please feel free to contact us. Besides, we also accept orders for custom kraft paper box with clear lid. You can send your requirements and design details for kraft paper box with clear lid to us by email. 

Types of Kraft Box With Clear Lid

Benefits of Kraft Box With Clear Lid

The kraft box with clear lid ideal for showcasing your products. Try this presentation box when displaying muffins or cupcakes for take away. A lightweight and open-topped carton, it also seals with an innovative clip on the acetate clear lid to keep food fresh. As a professional box packaging supplier, this box produced by us works well for hamper gifts with small items such as cakes, muffins and cupcakes. Made from single-walled card that does its job perfectly, the cupcake box allows the cost of the packaging to be absorbed or hidden in the overall price.

Kraft Box With Clear Lid Vs Kraft Box Without Clear Lid

Our kraft box with clear lid:

  • Can be used to create thoughtful care packages by filling the boxes with tissue paper and creatively placing small gift items within.

  •  Are perfect for wholesale jewelry packaging and selling clothing or fashion accessories, since the items can be viewed through the top of the box.

  • Make a great option for packaged food items, as there is room for multiple items within each box.

  • Are ideal for kids' school projects, such as making display boxes or dioramas.

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