Chipboard Box

Custom chipboard boxes are usually cheaper than others packing. They also weigh less and take up less space. While chipboard carton boxes with lids have been put in your store, it's important to know that each works best when shipping, terminal packaging, and creating retail display racks. 

Wihte chipboard gift packaging boxes can be shown your products a unique look to help them stand out on the shelf. Lightweight custom chipboard boxes are ideal for small or fragile items. Custom mailer boxes with inserts are versatile enough to protect many different types of items from damage, it is enough to combine artistic design and branding. As a professional custom packaging manufacturers of chipboard boxes, custom chipboard boxes wholesale  prices we provided mean that you are able to buy high quality packaging for less than you would think.

Types of Chipboard Box

Benefits Of Chipboard Box

Chipboard cardboard is a cost-effective personalised packaging solution for many customers.

  1. Saving Storage Space- It takes up much less space than other packaged products. There is much less risk of damage or crushing on the delivery.

  2. Easy to use- Since the chipboard is much thinner than others materials, it is very easier to cut and fold to the desired dimensions. 

  3. The chipboard box's material is eco-friendly- the chipboard box is made from recycled paper and cardboard requires far less energy to produce the finished product than other packaging materials, which means a healthier environment for everyone and less deforestation. All of our chipboard boxes is 100% recyclable. When it's finished packaging, it can be recycled without having to recycle waste.

Chipboard Box Vs Others 

Because chipboard boxes can be many different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses, it can be used in many different ways. It is usually used for products that are visible on the shelf. The classic example of a coarse chipboard box is a cereal box. It is often used in art projects,  because it is easier to cut than other types of boxes. It's easy to add custom graphics to the chipboard box which makes it an excellent marketing tool. One type of chipboard box used in packing cases is white chipboard box. Apply a clay coating to one side of the particleboard. This is a very effective type of cardboard when printing graphics.

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