What Issues Should Be Paid Attention to when Designing and Printing Kraft Food Boxes?

1. The Safety and Hygiene of Kraft Food Boxes

Food packaging must ensure that the packaging material itself is safe, non-toxic and non-volatile, that is, the packaging material itself is required to have a stable composition. In addition, during the use of kraft food boxes designed by our carton box supplier, no substances and chemical components that chemically react with the food will be produced. In the process of storage and transfer, there will be no chemical changes due to changes in climate and normal environmental factors.

Kraft Food Boxes Designed by Our Carton Box Supplier

2. Strength Requirements of Food Kraft Boxes

Since the food has to go through the circulation process of stacking, transportation, storage, etc. before it reaches the consumers after the packaging is completed, this requires the kraft food box to have a certain strength and will not be damaged during the circulation process.

Kraft Paper Food Packaging

3. Barrier Requirements for Kraft Food Containers

The barrier properties of paper box packaging for food are determined by the characteristics of the food itself, and different foods have different requirements for their packaging barrier properties. On the one hand, the barrier properties of food packaging ensure that various bacteria, dust, light, gas, moisture, etc. in the external environment cannot enter the food in the packaging box.

On the other hand, it is to ensure that the water, oil, and aromatic components contained in the food, and the ingredients essential to the quality of the food do not penetrate outward, so as to ensure that the food in the packaging box does not deteriorate.

Kraft Paper Container Boxes for Food

Currently, food-grade corrugated paper or food-grade kraft paper bags are generally used for packaging on the market.


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