The Whole Process of Book Printing

Book printing is one of the main businesses of printing factories. Books are also one of the most common prints in daily life. A book seems to be composed of simple paper. However, the real printing process is complex and needs to be done step by step. What are the steps for high quality book printing? Green Color Printing will show you here.

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1. The first step of book printing process: typesetting design and completion of document production

Printed documents are the precondition of any printed matter. Only after confirming the contents of the documents can they be produced on the machine. This step of professional book printing is very important, because it needs to be confirmed step by step from a text to the overall typesetting. It also needs to be very careful to do it well.

2. The second step of book printing process: proofing confirmation and order production.

Proofing is an important step before printing, because only by making samples can we know whether there is a problem with the quality of the goods. Therefore, after the document is confirmed, the proofing must be arranged first. If there is no problem with proofing, the production can be arranged. It should be noted that digital proofing is mostly adopted, so it will be different from the printed products (mainly the color difference effect). Therefore, don't think that some difference between proofing and finished products lies in the quality problem of the printing factory.

3. The third step of book printing process: prepress plate making stage

Before printing, it is necessary to make up, then type blue paper, proofread, and finally print. This is also the biggest difference between printing (digital printing) and printing. This step is also a more complex process in the printing industry, so the plate making cost is usually higher.

4. The fourth step of book printing process: binding and printing

Printing is relatively common, that is, the printing effect is different according to different machines. We won't talk about it more here. We will mainly talk about bookbinding, which goes through the process separately according to different bookbinding.

(1) Saddle stitch: folding - saddle stitcher - cut products (most of which do not needs this step) – packing

(2) Wireless gluing: folding - gathering - binding machine (part)

(3) Sewing glue: folding - gathering - sewing - binding machine - cut products (some do not need this step) – packing

(4) Hardcover book: folding - gathering - sewing - binding machine - cut products (some do not need this step) - hand wrapped book block mounting leather case – packing

The above is the complete process of high quality cheap custom book printing. Seemingly simple books are actually completed in many steps. Do you also want to print books? Then come and pay attention to Green Color Printing.


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