The Printing of Paper Box Packaging

1. The gift box wrapped in cartons is more high-end

The gift box has characteristics from design to craftsmanship. The first attraction of a product is its packaging and printing. Especially in modern society, consumers are looking for the quality and beauty of commodities.

The price of the gift box wrapped in the carton is similar to that of a plastic-wrapped gift box. However, consumers will undoubtedly prefer to buy products with elegant packaging. Beautiful packaging and printing can change the level of products and increase the premium space of products.

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2. The application of paper box packaging

Gift boxes continue to innovate in technology, and related companies are also constantly innovating. The development of carton packaging printing technology has several new features: single-layer materials are developing in the direction of multi-layer materials; multiple printing methods such as offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing and screen printing coexist; comprehensive application of various related new technologies , Continuously optimize the entire production system.

The post-printing process of paper box packaging is more scientific and practical, and the packaging performance and effect have undergone significant changes. Moreover, carton packaging materials are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and cost-saving.

With the increasing environmental protection requirements of packaging materials in the entire international market, carton packaging materials are the first choice. In addition to the environmentally friendly paper packaging materials, there is another feature, that is, it can quickly pass the border inspection to achieve the purpose of saving logistics costs.


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