The Impact of the Used Paper and Process on the Printed Gift Box

1. Characteristic analysis and craftsmanship determination method of the printed gift box

Take gift boxes as an example. The inner and outer packaging of the same product have different specifications or the printed materials used in a complete set of products are very different. In the corrugated box, the corrugated board is very thick and the surface layer is relatively flat. If considering the material characteristics, and safety and sanitation of product packaging, it is recommended to use flexographic printing water-based ink, which can well guarantee the printing quality of the finished product.

Green Color Printing Colored Box

2. Pre-print production and craftsmanship control of color gift boxes

In the reticulated structure of the layout series, different materials are used, and the printing colors will be very different. Printing with offset printing technology can make the surface of the printed color gift boxes smooth and have less ink absorption.

3. The color on the printed gift box can be controlled by printing pressure

Printing pressure is the medium of printing transfer. The size of printing pressure directly reflects the depth of printing ink, especially for letterpress printing technology. The size of the pressure used has a great influence on the depth of printing ink. When the printing pressure increases, the printing color will deepen. On the contrary, if the printing pressure decreases, the printed color will appear light.

In color printing, if you want to control the printing quality of different materials, you must comprehensively consider the material characteristics, operation and adjustments of technology and equipment, carefully analyze the original manuscript, and determine the appropriate production technology plan. As a professional printing manufacturer, we are very happy to make cooperation with you.

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