The Emotional Expression of Different Colors in the Packaging Box

Whenever we step into markets or supermarkets and face a wide variety of products on the shelves, each item shows beautiful shapes and bright colors. We are more likely to be attracted by packaging with strong colors. This is the function of packaging colors.

1. The importance of the color of the packaging box

Color is the result of the effect of light of different wavelengths on vision. A large number of facts have proved that different colors can have different psychological and physiological effects on people.

It attracts people's attention, helps consumers to have awareness and associations with products, thereby stimulating the desire to buy. The effect of the design of packaging boxes of commodities depends to a large extent on the use of color, because color plays an important role in highlighting the theme, beautifying products, and making it easier for consumers to identify products. As a professional printing manufacturer, we promise to provide the best packaging boxes for you.

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2. The emotional expression of packaging boxes with different colors

(1) The luxurious and simple sense of color

Bright colors with higher purity and lightness, such as red, orange, and yellow, have a strong sense of gorgeousness, while heavy colors with lower purity and lightness, such as blue and green, appear simple and elegant. The former can be used for the packaging of gifts and handicrafts; the latter can be used for custom packaging boxes for pharmaceuticals.

(2) The sense of the weight of color

The color weight of the packaging box is mainly determined by the brightness of the color. Generally, light colors with high lightness and colors with cold hue feel light, dark colors with low lightness and colors with warm hue feel heavy. For packaging of children's products, colors with high lightness and purity are suitable, which will have a light and pleasant feeling.

(3) The sense of distance of color

The sense of advance and retreat in the distance on the packaging box mainly depends on the brightness and hue. Bright and clear warm colors help to highlight the theme; vague, gray and cool colors can set off the theme.

(4) The taste sense of color

In custom packaging boxes of food, colors play an important role in eliciting the taste of food. Food with different tastes should use packaging with corresponding colors, which can arouse consumers' desire to buy, and achieve good results.

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