The Development Trend of Packaging Box Printing

1. Function of packaging box

Packaging box is very common in daily life. All kinds of goods are inseparable from packaging box. It can not only be used to pack goods, but also play a certain role in publicity.

2. Development trend of packaging box printing

1) Sustainable packaging box

The 21st century is a century of environmental protection. People are committed to studying new packaging materials and environmental friendly design methods to reduce the environmental problems caused by packaging solid waste. As one of the best packaging box manufacturers, we promise to use more environmental friendly material and provide the best products for you.


2) Personalized packaging boxes

Personalized packaging boxes design is a widely involved and influential design method, which has a great impact on corporate image, product itself and social effect. The building and expression of packaging image develop to a way of natural, lively, humanized and organic modeling, and endow packaging with personalized quality and unique style to attract consumers.

3) Safety

The packaging box needs to effectively prevent children from opening and eating by mistake.

4) Anti-counterfeiting labeling

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, the general anti-counterfeiting technology of packaging box has no effect on counterfeiters. The pursuit of incisive originality and unique visual effect is another direction for the sustainable development of packaging industry in the future.

In fact, for the packaging of each product of the packaging user, as its packaging supplier, it is equivalent to undertaking a project. Packaging box manufacturers firstly need to grasp the shape, size, weight, material, storage and transportation requirements, distribution key and sales of such products, then calculate the packaging structure, materials and production process, and then produce packaging boxes and distribute according to the production rhythm of packaging users' products.


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