T Shirt Packaging Boxes Wholesale

Ⅰ. The characteristics of the T-shirt packaging box

The T-shirt packaging box is a very important differentiating element in the apparel industry. The packaging box provides a positive hint for the customer's purchase decision. Nowadays, the fashion trend of clothing packaging boxes has also undergone great changes over time. The current trend of T-shirt packaging boxes is simple packaging because now customers' aesthetics are mainly simple, so clothing packaging boxes should not be too messy and tacky. Otherwise, it is easy to be ignored by customers. 

The simple shirt box packaging provides users with a neat and exquisite feeling, making it easier to attract customers' attention. But no matter how simple the packaging is, the detailed information related to the clothing and brand should be printed in the packaging box to facilitate users' reading.

T-shirt Packaging Box

Ⅱ. Bulk T-shirt packaging box wholesale

T-Shirt Packaging Boxes Wholesale design is very important, but innovation should not be limited to clothing design. Most designers do not pay attention to clothing packaging, but an excellent clothing packaging box can make your product stand out from the competition. T-shirt packaging proves that designers can use various materials to take clothing packaging to a whole new level. The product packaging box is your first impression of your customers. If done well, it can elevate your brand to a whole new level. Innovative and creative T-shirt packaging boxes can provide customers with a unique experience. Whether you are a physical store, e-commerce, or both, custom clothing packaging boxes can bring a lot of traffic to your brand.

T-shirt packaging can bring many benefits to the company, the most important of which is that it can increase its overall attractiveness to promote sales. When your clothing packaging looks attractive, people are more likely to repeat purchases and place consecutive orders. On the other hand, poor packaging of T-shirts will lead to a sharp decline in sales, reducing the attractiveness of recognizability of the product to buyers. Even if the clothing itself has not changed, changing the clothing packaging box or bag will affect the customer's order. Contact us if you want to find T shirt packaging wholesale.

Ⅲ. People changed by clothing, and T-shirts rely on packaging

The eco friendly t shirt packaging is a popular rigid packaging method for garments in the contemporary era. It has the characteristics of high strength and a beautiful appearance. Clothing packaging boxes can be roughly divided into folding boxes, heaven and earth lid boxes, drawer boxes, etc. Major clothing brands have widely favoured high-end clothing packaging boxes. We often say that style determines success or failure. Before designing and making clothing packaging boxes, we must first clarify which type of customer's clothing belongs to, whether it is business men's clothing, elegant women's clothing, casual youth clothing, or new fashion brand clothing. Different T-shirt clothing types require different colors and styles of clothing packaging boxes.

The design and production of a high-end T-shirt packaging box require various processes such as die-cutting, varnishing, matting, printing, and laminating. Linked to each other, if any of the crafts have faults, there will be undesirable conditions such as blistering and glue overflow. In the printing process, also pay attention to the effect of color. Only when every detail is in place, the box will look pleasing to the eye and reflect the craftsman's heart. Green Color Printing is a professional custom packaging manufacturer. You are welcome to order our products online!


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