Secrets of Men's Shirt Packaging Box

1. The design of the shirt packaging box should conform to the brand positioning

Why should milk be sold in bags or square boxes, but coke should be sold in round bottles? The reason here is the same. The packaging box design of men's shirts is also designed by combining various factors. The first is to position the brand and clarify the core values of the company and the brand. The shirt packaging box must first understand its brand culture and corporate vision, and then integrate these corporate elements into the packaging box design.

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2. The product information conveyed by the shirt packaging box must be clear

The front design of the men's shirt packaging box is best to sort the product information that you want to convey in order of importance to establish an orderly and consistent information hierarchy. This can help consumers quickly find their favourite products among many products, and can also bring consumers a satisfactory consumer experience, allowing consumers to save time in choosing products. This should be the primary factor that designers need to consider. To buy a shirt, you must like the clear and concise style. After all, you can't learn about the relevant information after you buy it. The custom t-shirt packaging box provided by Green Color Printing, a famous cardboard box maker in China, is of high quality and good appearance.

3. The design of the shirt packaging box must be eye-catching

No matter what kind of brand is competitive, shirts are no exception. It doesn't make much difference if you just talk about the shirts, but the different packaging boxes make the shirts look very different. The design of the T shirt packaging box is particularly important, so the packaging box must have personality.

The design of the men's shirt packaging box does not have to be too complicated, after all, simple and powerful can be more low-key and luxurious. Shirts give people the feeling of being energetic and capable, so too fancy colors are not suitable for shirts.


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