Packaging Design Elements of Halloween Cake Boxes

Halloween is a Western festival, known as the Western Ghost Festival. There are many versions of the legend about the origin of Halloween. The most common belief is that it originated from the ancient Western European countries before the birth of Christ, mainly including Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The ancient Western Europeans in these places were called Celts. Celtic's New Year is on November 1. On New Year's Eve, the Celtics made young people assemble in teams, wearing all kinds of weird masks, carrying carved carrot lanterns (pumpkin lanterns are a later custom, ancient Western Europe did not have pumpkins), and they wandered through the villages. This was actually a celebration of the autumn harvest at the time. It was also said to be a "ghost festival" that the souls of those who died that year would visit the world on the eve of Halloween. It is said that people should let the ghosts see a happy harvest and treat the ghosts with the utmost cordiality. All bonfires and lights are used to scare away the ghosts, but also to illuminate the route for the ghosts and guide them to return.

Halloween Bakery Boxes

1. The packaging design of Halloween cake boxes should put consumers first

Since the festival is set, there will be people celebrating the festival. We need to do enough market research and analysis. Are the young people or middle-aged people celebrating Halloween? What are their preferences and needs? To understand the preferences of consumers, you can't just rely on your own subjective assumptions and think that you are the target group. This is far from enough. You can only represent a very small individual. We need to have objective investigations.

2. The added value of Halloween cake boxes packaging

The design of Halloween food boxes is not only satisfied with the traditional packaging itself, it is more of a meaning consistent with the festival. The outer packaging of the product may become a collection. Under the same circumstances, the design of beautiful gift boxes that combines a more festive atmosphere and meaning have more added value. Because the coexistence period of packaging design and consumers lasts long, other values of packaging can be developed to increase its collection and other practicality. 

3. Halloween bakery boxes dare to be different

The difference here is not only a small change but also a difference in the opposite direction. When the masses are all in the same style, we tend to be unique, form a strong differentiated style, and integrate modern social culture with festival culture, without losing the representative elements of festivals, but also enriching the present-day popular social culture. Green Color Printing is one of the most professional custom packaging manufacturers in China. If you want to find a reliable packaging and printing manufacturer, please contact us first.

4. The visual identity of Halloween cake boxes should be prominent

The visual logo is the most external, direct, and infectious factor in the design and packaging of the Halloween cake box. It may be a color, a font, or a graphic symbol. In short, the logo must match the packaging. This is also the performance of the brand landing.

The significance of festivals will be enlarged in the future. We will not only celebrate traditional festivals but also integrate with a stronger commercial culture. After all, it is a competitive society, and it is inevitable to use festivals for publicity and marketing when doing business. It is becoming more and more necessary to design different holiday gift box packaging.


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