How to Improve the Marketing Power of Products Through Packaging

1. Necessity of personalised packaging

Packaging design should not only visually attract specific consumer groups, but also psychologically capture consumers' excitement and purchase desire. personalised packaging can stimulate and meet the psychological needs of consumers.

2. How to improve the sales of goods through personalised packaging

1). Attention stage: consumers' first impression of goods when entering the store. Personalised packaging with distinctive patterns, prominent characters, eye-catching colors and strong visual impact can attract consumers' attention in a short time.

2). Interest stage: different consumers have different styles. For consumers with different style preferences, start from the aspects of color, style, text and pattern, and design personalised packaging boxes that meet different consumers or different styles such as literature and art, retro or wild.

3). Association stage: packaging boxes with personalized printing and with novelty, characteristics and beauty are more likely to induce rich associations of consumers.

4). Desire stage: attract consumers through various means such as sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, touch consumers' hearts and stimulate consumers' purchase desire with the characteristics of excellent quality, reasonable price, convenient use and beautiful style.

5).Comparison stage: through personalised packaging, the shape, color, taste, performance and use method of goods are displayed to consumers for comparison and selection.

6). Dependence stage: strive to make consumers rely on the commodity through personalised packaging boxes.

7). Action stage: after the above stages, consumers decide to buy goods, so as to purchase and complete the consumption process.


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