How to Choose the Food Parcel Box?

Ⅰ. Design requirements for the food parcel box

The design of food packaging boxes requires that packaging costs be reduced as much as possible, and the packaging must be beautiful. There are many types of packaging materials, each with different characteristics. 

There are different types of food parcel boxes, grocery boxes, fruit and vegetable boxes, juice packaging boxes, beer packaging boxes. As one of the most respected custom packaging manufacturers, Green Color Printing can provide customers with custom popcorn boxes, rigid chocolate boxes, and corrugated cake boxes wholesale.

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Ⅱ. The principle of selection of the food parcel box

1. Correspondence principle

Different grades of the food parcel box use different grades of packaging materials, and the way to achieve their differences in the principle of correspondence in the selection of food packaging materials.

2. The principle of applicability

Different foods have different characteristics and different protective functions. The selection of food packaging boxes must ensure that they are suitable for different characteristics of different foods and different circulation environmental conditions in circulation links. The principle of applicability is the most basic principle for the selection of packaging materials. This principle must comprehensively consider the characteristics of food, climatic conditions, transfer methods and circulation factors. For long-distance transportation, corrugated food boxes are widely applied.

3. Economic principles

The food packaging box includes the cost price of the material itself, the cost price of packaging products and the cost of circulation, and the material is required to meet the most economical principle. Focus on comparative analysis and sampling of packaging materials, and comprehensively determine their costs and production costs. Whether it is analyzed from the unit cost or the overall comprehensive cost, it is required to achieve the most economical principle.

4. Coordination principle

Food packaging boxes should be coordinated with the functions undertaken by the packaging. Different packaging categories and material selection should be coordinated. According to the characteristics of the food, corrugated food boxes or cardboard boxes are mostly used, and corrugated cardboard with better rigidity and strength and better-cushioning properties are used for transportation packaging.

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