How Are the Flyers Printed? How is the Printing Effect?

1. How does colour flyer printing work?

Giving out flyers is a common way for us to run promotions, which can be seen in new store openings, event promotions, and other occasions. And it is also common in some concerts and other places.

Colour Flyer Printing

Leaflet is made of some special materials, which is a kind of smooth paper, and general printing technology can not achieve the production of this kind of leaflets. Modern leaflet printing usually adopts PVC printing, by which perfect leaflet can be produced regardless of materials.

In terms of colour, colour flyer printing can be divided into two types: one is two-colour printing and the other is three-colour printing. For two-colour printing, through the free combination of basic colour, there will be more than 10,000 colour changes, while the three-colour printing will have several million colour changes.

Generally, three-colour effects are selected during colour flyer printing, which can make the colour more vivid, and the choice of materials is also diverse when the flyer is made. According to the different requirements of customers, the leaflet printing will adopt different materials.

Colour Flyer Printing

2. What is the effect of leaflet printing?

During colour flyer printing, flyers can be designed specifically according to the requirements of different customers. While highlighting the performance of the product, it will also play a very positive role in promoting the promotion of the product. When the flyer is printed, the colour matching should also be reasonable, and the quality of the colours used must reach the standard, so that the effect of the product can be more obvious.


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