Cosmetics Commercial Label Printing

Due to the uniqueness of the cosmetics industry, cosmetic packaging labels must be both protective, functional and decorative. Neglect of any aspect may affect the development of a brand of cosmetics. Consumers have higher and higher requirements for the appearance of cosmetic packaging. In various stores, which brand can "jump" out of many brands, attract consumers first, and "capture" their eyeballs is enough to seize a larger market share.

1. High Requirements for Cosmetics Commercial Label Printing

The traditional way of commercial label printing for cosmetics is mainly screen printing, such as printing on glass or plastic bottles. Now most of them have turned to self-adhesive labels, and the demand for film label materials is also growing rapidly. At the same time, the technical content is getting higher and higher. In the past, a single pattern that could only be printed on the bottle in the form of a screen can now be used to obtain beautiful color effects through printing methods such as offset printing and flexo printing.

Due to the particularity and difference of cosmetic shapes, there are many irregular curved shapes, so the material requirements for the label are very high, and the label is required to fit the bottle well on the cosmetics, and there is no air bubbles and no warping. High-volume industrial production requires automatic labeling, which requires that the label is very good, and the label should be light, thin and soft. How to coordinate the two to be unified is the focus of the label printing company's research and development.

2. The Development Direction of the Process of Commercial Label Printing for Cosmetics

In the new process of cosmetics commercial label printing, in-mold labeling not only has better anti-counterfeiting function, but also can achieve the same effect of bottle body and printing as screen printing. At the same time, there is no gap between the label edge and the bottle body. There is no possibility of warping and blistering of traditional labels, and the cost is not higher than that of traditional labels. It is a new labeling technology with great potential. However, it is impossible to change the label after the packaging container with in-mold labeling is produced, which has an impact on production flexibility. This requires label printing companies to have accurate sales forecasts for the products.

Because in-mold labeling has incomparable advantages over ordinary labels, it will be the future development trend of mid-to-high-end cosmetics and even other commercial label printing with double-sided labels, film labels, and ultra-transparent labels.


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